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Case of oil free air compressor in a pharmaceutical company in Jiangsu Province
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Since our company cooperated with Ruizhe machinery oil-free air compressor manufacturer, not only the efficiency has been improved, but also the cost is low. Ruizhe machinery oil-free air compressor uses water instead of oil to achieve four advantages of lubrication, cooling, sealing, noise reduction, etc., providing excellent oil-free air, pollution-free, the discharged water does not need special treatment, meeting the environmental requirements. Screw operation has high volume utilization ratio, no clearance volume, large capacity of single machine, ideal isothermal compression. Due to the good thermal conductivity of water, when lubricating water is injected into the compression chamber, the temperature will drop to 45 ℃, close to the suction temperature. The symmetry of the structure and the possibility of setting the return hole make the radial and axial forces produced when the single screw compressor works balanced. Therefore, the design life of the compressor is up to 300000 hours.

Shanghai Ruizhe Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 2012, registered trademark runningway, we are an oil-free compressed air system solution provider focusing on oil-free air compressor production and manufacturing, technology research and development, sales and service.

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