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Oil free air compressor case of a food company in Zhejiang Province
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We are in the food industry, so we need oil-free air compressor. Before that, several oil-free air compressor manufacturers were selected for cooperation, but the cooperation was not satisfactory. But since we chose Ruizhe machinery, their company's oil-free air compressor really surprised us. The special anti vibration rubber at the intake end of the main engine and the motor base can avoid vibration, effectively remove noise and ensure the continuity and stability of exhaust. Intelligent control system, reliable software design, support for multiple languages, fully display the unit operation status and history query.

The main products of Shanghai Ruizhe Machinery Co., Ltd. are oil-free scroll air compressor, oil-free piston air compressor, oil-free lubrication air compressor, oil-free dry screw air compressor, oil-free centrifugal air compressor and other products, which are exported to Europe, America, Africa, Asia and other countries and regions. It is our mission to let everyone use oil-free and clean compressed air.